Frequently Asked Questions about Iron Poker

Getting Started at Iron Poker

I don't seem to be getting Iron Poker emails. What should I do to receive them?

At Iron Poker we are committed to updating our players with news and information about upcoming tournaments, special deals, and our calendar of exciting poker promotions. We limit these mails so that you won't feel you are being spammed. If, by chance, you aren't receiving our promotional emails, please check your spam or junk mailboxes. To prevent our mails from going to junk, make sure that Iron Poker is added to your safe senders list.

How do I create my account?

To start playing at Iron Poker, simply download our safe & secure software. After a quick installation process, you will be asked to provide personal details in a short registration process that will create your free online poker account.

What benefits will I receive as a new player at Iron Poker?

Iron Poker welcomes you with a very generous package of benefits. On your first deposit you will get a 200% up to €1,500 First Deposit Bonus. If you enjoy playing tournaments, you will appreciate the four free entries to the $2,500 New Depositors Freerolls; one entry to the monthly $10,000 Bonanza; as well as entry to daily Beginners Freerolls. Click here for full details.

How do I fund my Iron Poker account?

Making your first deposit at Iron Poker is quite simple. Just open the cashier by clicking on the 'Cashier' button at the bottom right corner of the Iron Poker software. Then, click on the 'Deposit' tab. All available payment methods will be listed on the left. You can choose the one most suitable for your funding of the account.

Why am I required to send documents to Iron Poker?

We fully understand your question, but you must realize that for us, security and integrity are of the utmost importance. For example, if your password or login information is misplaced and you turn to us for assistance, we must first verify that you are the correct owner of the account. In addition, we may require you to supply us with certain documents in order to process your withdrawal requests as quickly and smoothly as possible. You can send all requested documents to docs [at] ironpoker [dot] com. If you need further assistance, feel free to speak directly with our Support Team.

Iron Poker Promotions and Bonuses

What is a First Deposit Bonus?

When you make your first deposit at Iron Poker, you will immediately receive in return our generous 200% up to €1,500 First Deposit Bonus. For example: If your first deposit is in the amount of €50, your account will be credited with a €100 pending bonus. This €100 bonus will be redeemed into cash at the standard rate of €5 for every 400 Status Points earned. The more you play, the faster you will redeem your First Deposit Bonus. Click to see additional benefits of the Iron Poker Welcome Package.

What is a pending bonus and how do I get one?

Our welcome offer includes a 200% up to €1,500 First Deposit Bonus. After making your first deposit, this bonus is credited your account as a pending bonus. To redeem the bonus (to convert the bonus into real cash), you must generate Status Points by playing at our cash tables and tournaments. The more you play, the faster you will redeem your pending bonus. It is simple to keep track of your pending bonus, including how much you have left to redeem. All you have to do is click on "My Account" in the Iron Poker software and you will get an update about your pending bonus status.

I've earned Club Points. What can I do with them?

Congratulations on earning your Club Points! You will be rewarded for your efforts playing at the tables, so save up your Club Points and then exchange them for cash bonuses or tournament tokens!

What are VIP Levels and what are they good for?

Your VIP level determines what benefits you will receive as part of our VIP Club. The VIP levels are described in detail on our VIP Club program page, but in short, the higher your VIP level, the more benefits you will receive. Your VIP Level is determined by how many Status Points you have generated by playing at our cash tables and tournaments. And at the same time, your VIP Level (and its corresponding multiplier) determine how many Club Points you will earn. The Club Points are the points you will exchange for cash and other valuable prizes.

What promotions does Iron Poker have to offer?

There is something happening all the time at Iron Poker, so players of all types will find fun things to do. Make sure to check the Iron Poker Promotions Calendar to see what promotions are currently taking place.

I am bit confused about your VIP program. What is the difference between Club Points and Status Points?

We understand your confusion, but the difference between the two types of Points is quite clear. As you play cash games or tournaments, you generate Status Points. Status Points unlock pending bonuses that you have received - the more you play, the more Status Points you will generate and the faster your pending bonuses will be converted into real cash. In parallel, based on your VIP Level and its corresponding multiplier, you will earn Club Points. For example, if you are at the VIP Gold level, your multiplier will be 1.5. This means that for every Status Point you generate, you will also earn 1.5 Club Points. Club Points can be exchanged in the VIP Store for cash bonuses or tournament tokens.

My Account

How can I change my personal details?

If your email or mailing address have changed, we request that you update these details in your account. Please contact Support via chat, email or phone and one of our Support representatives will assist you in updating your account details.

What is so exciting about the Iron Poker software?

Developed and maintained by industry leaders Playtech, the Iron Poker software is a platform second to none. The software gives you a very realistic poker experience, is easy to navigate, and has a suite of advanced customization and profile settings. The software is being upgraded all the time with new features. Click to read more about the software features at Iron Poker.

I forgot my password. What do I do?

On the login screen of the Iron Poker software there is a 'Forgot Password' button. By clicking that, a new, temporary password will be mailed to your registered Iron Poker email address. If you need any assistance accessing your account, please support [at] ironpoker [dot] com (contact Support) and provide us with your full name and home address. We will help you get back in the game as quickly as possible.

How do I view the information listed in my account?

You can view the information listed in your account by clicking the 'My Account' button at the top left corner in the Iron Poker software. Feel free to support [at] ironpoker [dot] com (contact Support) to verify any details that you do not see listed in the software.

Can I place sports bets at Ironbet with my poker account?

Yes! Simply enter your Iron Poker username and password in the Ironbet software and you will have full access to Ironbet games and sports betting.

How do I make withdrawals?

Making withdrawals from your Iron Poker account is simple. Access the Cashier by clicking on the button at the bottom right of the software, and then click the Withdrawals tab. You will see different payment methods listed on the left, and you can choose which one to use to process your withdrawal. After selecting the appropriate method, information will be displayed stating whether any limits or restrictions apply to your withdrawal request. Please note that with some methods, it is possible to make a withdrawal only if you have previously made a deposit with that same payment method.

The Poker Games

Are there are rules or restrictions regarding the software's chat feature?

You are free to chat with other players, however, all chats must be in English. Offensive and inappropriate language will not be tolerated and could result in a permanent ban from chatting.

Where can I check my hand history?

You can view your hand history by clicking the ‘My Account’ button at the top left corner of the software. Select either ‘Cash Table History’ or ‘Tournament History’ and you will see the relevant information. Important: Make sure to select the option to 'Store Hand History Locally' on the settings menu.

Is there a code of conduct at Iron Poker?

Yes. All players are expected to behave and treat their opponents with respect. Specifically: Offensive, obscene, vulgar, racist, jingoist or hateful slurs will not be permitted at Iron Poker. Targeting other players to distress or embarrass them is harassment and will not be permitted. This includes creating accounts with names that are meant to defame or otherwise harass any other player. Iron Poker will not allow players to post/chat/mention any unauthorized advertising, promotional material or solicitation. Spamming will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Iron Poker respects the privacy of its members. Please do not post other players' phone numbers, addresses, or any other private information. Iron Poker is not to be used to participate in, assist, suggest or encourage any illegal activity. We reserve the right to cooperate fully with government officials in any investigation related to any content (including email correspondence) transmitted at Iron Poker or the activity of any person using Iron Poker. We reserve the right to terminate any player's account, at any time.

How can I change the time listed in the software?

If you're confused by the time listed, you can adjust it to your local time. By default, the time displayed is our server time. To change the setting, please click the down-facing arrow in the top right corner of the software. You will be able to select your preferred time display.

Can I play at Iron Poker for free?

Yes! Select ‘Cash Tables’ in the software and scroll down to the ‘Play Money’ listings. Here you will be able to join cash tables and play absolutely for free. This will give you a real feel for the Iron Poker, although it is possible that the game play will not be typical to the type played for real money. That’s not all! Players who have signed up in the last 90 days can participate for free in the Beginners Freerolls, running six times every day! There are many additional freerolls that you may be entitled to join for free. To find all listings of tournaments with no buy-ins click the ‘Tournaments’ tab and then scroll to the ‘All Freerolls’ section.

I was disconnected during a tournament. What do I do now?

It happens. It's not entirely your fault or ours, but there are occasional disruptions to Internet access. If for any reason you lose your connection while playing a tournament, the action will continue, unfortunately, without you. Even while you're not sitting at the table, your blinds and antes will be posted automatically. We strongly recommend that you log back into the software as quickly as possible. Once you do, you will return to your seat at the tournament and continue to play. If you need any assistance, please support [at] ironpoker [dot] com (contact Support).

Is there anything I can do on my side to restore the connection to Iron Poker?

You can try restarting your modem and/or your computer. The problem may be connected to your Internet service provider. Or, as is most likely the case, the connection to Iron Poker will be restored automatically after a short time. If connectivity issues persist, please support [at] ironpoker [dot] com (contact Support).

How can I see the tournaments to which I'm registered?

Click the 'My Poker' tab at the top of the software to access the section listing your 'Registered Tournaments'. Additionally, if you want to remember to play at a certain cash table, mark the table as one of your 'Favorites', and you will see it listed in your 'My Poker' section as well.