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Iron Poker is thrilled to bring to you a special promotion dedicated to get your poker career off to a lightning start: the $12K New Depositors Token Package!

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You've got questions? We've got answers!
What will I get?

A total of 9 tokens offering $12,000 guaranteed cash!

  • 4 x Entry Tokens to the $250 EXCLUSIVE Freeroll (ME x 2)
  • 1 x Entry Token to the $10,000 Monthly Bonanza
  • 4 x Entry token to the $250 SPECIAL Freeroll (ME x 2)
When can I play?

We’ve made it easy for you to play non-stop poker and win BIG!

  • $250 EXCLUSIVE Freeroll (ME x 2) runs every Tuesday at 18:00 GMT.
  • $10,000 Monthly Bonanza plays the first Friday of every month at 19:00 GMT.
  • $250 SPECIAL Freeroll (ME x 2) runs every Thursday at 18:00 GMT.
How do I get my tokens? Just make your first deposit at Iron Poker and your token package will be instantly issued to your account, it's that simple!

Find all tournaments in the $12K New Depositors Token Package under the ‘SPECIAL OFFERS’ tab in the software.



Terms and Conditions for Playing the Freerolls

1. This offer is only valid to depositing players making their FIRST deposit at Iron Poker.

2. These tokens cannot be exchanged for cash or any other promotion.

3. Token expiration dates are as follows:
$250 EXCLUSIVE Freeroll Entry Token - 2 month
$10K Monthly Bonanza Entry Token - 2 months
$250 SPECIAL Freeroll Entry Tokens - 2 months

4. All decisions made by the Iron Poker management are final.

5. Iron Poker reserves the right to change or end this promotion at any time.

6. Participation in these poker freeroll tournaments is subject to Iron Poker's standard terms and conditions.



What is a Poker Freeroll?

As the name implies, poker freerolls are tournaments that are free to enter. Unlike play money games, however, these tournaments actually allow players to win cash and prizes should the cards fall their way, effectively giving them the chance to earn money for nothing. This factor has made playing poker freerolls incredibly popular with players around the world. Freeroll tournaments typically fill up quickly once the window of registration opens.


The Pros and Cons of Playing Online Poker Freerolls

While having the chance to win big without risking your own money is certain to grab most your attention, you should understand the ups and downs of this style of play.


  • Pro: Freerolls can be a great learning experience. Though the complete lack of risk and reward can make the action a bit like the Wild West, the presence of actual cash prizes makes most players think carefully before they make their moves. These tournaments also provide a perfect learning environment for novice players, as the prize money may inspire a more earnest style of play, but the relatively low rewards will keep more serious players from participating.
  • Con: Freerolls can last a long time. While, as a newcomer to the game, it's great to compete against players of your own skill level, playing freerolls can make for some lengthy showdowns on the virtual felt. Larger freeroll tournaments can last upwards of six hours and yield relatively weak payouts, making it seem you're playing a long time for very little reward.
  • Pro: Availability. Though freerolls aren't the most common form of tournament, you'll find that Iron Poker stages some of the best online poker freerolls and the action is taking place round the clock. This means you'll have multiple chances to enter freerolls and therefore more chances to win cash prizes.
  • Con: The value of prizes. Though there is something to be said of winning something for nothing, even a moderate risk can yield better results for novice players. The prize pools at online poker freeroll tournaments typically will not very high, yet similarly sized buy-in tournaments can huge prize pools for the top finishing players.
  • Pro: Can help build a bankroll. A bankroll is the lifeblood of any poker player, and what better way to build your funds than by playing free tournaments. Freerolls offer you  a great way to learn with absolutely no risk for the potential reward you will receive. Freerolls can be an ideal way to build a bankroll from the ground up.
  • Con: Building a bankroll by playing freerolls can be frustrating. Be warned that the payouts in a freeroll poker tournament are typically reserved for the top few finishers. So depending on the size of the tournament field, there's a real chance that you could be playing for several hours with nothing to show for it. This can be particularly frustrating should you run up against the bubble. Finishing just outside the money is never fun, but at least you it didn't cost you anything but time.


Poker Freeroll Tournament Strategy

Measured Recklessness - Playing in most professional tournaments is a matter of patience and timed aggression, and while these skills will be important during the later stages of a poker freeroll, players who don't participate in the madness that defines the first several hands of free tournaments are setting themselves up for failure. With literally no risk involved, many players will spend the early stages of freerolls recklessly going all-in at the first sign of paint, or a weak ace.

In a cash game, this strategy is sure to send you to the rails in a hurry. Yet when surrounded by players recklessly shoving their chips into the pot on every hand, there comes a time when you will have to gamble with them. In these situations, a medium pair, a strong ace or even suited connectors could be all it takes to double or triple up and remove the other wild players from the tournament.

Sense of Time - Perhaps more than real money tournaments, poker freerolls can make players lose track of time. With the large fields and reckless competition, many players may find themselves sitting out a lot of hands, and with the crowd typically drawn to these tournaments (which primarily consists of amateurs and other inexperienced players) some decisions may take longer than they should.

With this in mind, less aggressive players will want to watch the clock to avoid being blinded out. Remember, the freeroll crowd tends to be on the reckless side, so it's best to pick your spot to pounce. However, you don't want to wait so long that you are left with barely anything by the time you catch a hand. If your stack starts to suffer, loosen your hand selection and take a chance - after all, you have nothing to lose.

Read Your Opponents - A skill that is not uniquely important to freeroll poker, the ability to read an opponent's strength or intention with a hand is of the utmost importance. Since& these tournaments tend to draw a wild and reckless field, it's a wise decision to size up the competition to build your confidence at the table. This means paying attention to hands you aren't even playing to catch how your opponents act - and with the frequent all-ins you can expect from the early stages of these tournaments, you'll likely be able to see hands play out all the way through the end.

It's important to note, however, that the way a player handles the early rounds of a freeroll tournament will not necessarily be how he or she handle the later stages. A lot of people look to build a stack in the early goings of the game, and then back off into a "turtle" defense strategy (one in which they tighten their hand selection substantially, often only playing hands when their position or starting hand favors them). This is a common sight at the freeroll tournament, and leads us to the next point.

A Calm Mind - Spending the first hour of a freeroll grinding through a sea of reckless all-in bets only to see the same players clam up and horde chips can be very frustrating. Combine that with the normal stress of the later stages of a poker tournament, and staying calm becomes an essential tool in your arsenal.

Whether it's taking a deep breath, a quick walk or a drink of water, you'll have to develop your own strategy for avoiding tilt. Frustration will cloud a players' judgment and can cause them to fritter away their chips on weak hands or frivolous calls. Find a way to chase the irritation away, or prepare to ride the rail with nothing to show for it.


The Bottom Line about Playing Freerolls

Poker freerolls, like any other poker game, can be a great learning experience for beginning players. However, while learning without the risk sounds like an ideal way to hone your skills, it could rob you of one of the most important lessons you should learn at the poker table - never bet more than you're willing to lose. Even the best players will taste defeat at one point or another, and overcoming that adversity is an essential learning experience for everyone.